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Camp Stage Combat

Every summer involves storytelling of some kind. Whether it is a play, a talent show, or just telling ghost stories by the fire. If you think your campers might enjoy adding a little something to their repertoire this year, one of Focus UP’s stage combat workshops would be perfect for you.

We offer stage combat workshops that teach kids how to do safe, non-contact "fights" that they can use to wow any audience.

For younger campers, or those that may not want to get up and try it for themselves, we have our “Debunking Hollywood Myths” demonstration, where our instructors let the campers in on the secrets of the best fights in movies and television.

Debunking hollywood myths:
A workshop that is great for campers of all ages. Our instructors show your campers how their favourite superheroes and adventurers do their fights without getting hurt, and without actually hurting the bad guys. As with all of our stage combat workshops, we stress safety and respect.

Storytelling with a punch:
This workshop is an introduction to staged combat. Through a series of interactive demonstrations, your campers will be guided through the foundation that stage combat is built upon and (time allowing and with the emphasis on safety) they will create their own fight choreography.

Weapons and Sword play:
This interactive workshop combines the basic safeties with the attacks and blocking techniques for different weapons including: Broadsword, Rapier and Daggers, and Quarterstaff.

Smash, Bash, & Crabbe

Our pirate themed fight show combines comedy with the art of stage combat. Kids will be entertained and get to see close up a number of choreographed stage combat maneuvers.

Your campers can sit back and keep cool while they enjoy swordplay, hand to hand combat, falls and lots more.

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This show is a great add-on to any workshop.