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Failure is a Gift… Unwrap it

Focus UP believes that the best way to build character is to learn from your mistakes.

By exploring failures with a new perspective, you experience how to view them as gifts and through a series of exercises you confront your unfounded fear of failure and learn how to see the possibilities that each gift brings.

Getting the Job Done

Getting the Job Done takes a hard look at character development by focusing on putting aside our personal views and differences to work together and accomplish tasks.

This workshop puts your creativity to the test as you will need to find creative ways to problem solve and think outside-the-box.

Listen UP

The biggest hurdle that everyone must overcome to use their creativity effectively is listening.

In this workshop you will be put to the test as you absorb information from your partners and reflect it back, because in order to be productively creative you must understand all aspects of the situation.

Focus UP

Our instructors will help you experience how important it is to keep your “Focus Up”.

Our process will show you the benefit of freeing yourself from the doubts and fears that prevent you from truly expressing yourself by focusing on fully communicating your ideas.

The Power of Yes And…

Saying “NO” is safe and easy.

Through a series of exercises your students are introduced to the foundation of improvisation. Saying “Yes, and…” will challenge your students to work as a team to build dynamic scenes.

Who Am I?

Using improvisational techniques and a series of movement exercises, students are challenged to take on several different characters and flesh them out as they will be utilized in an open scene.

This workshop will help your students to create interesting and compelling characters and make big choices for them.

Where Are We?

Focusing on object work and mime techniques, students will interact with the environment they create with their fellow improvisers.

Good environment work can make an improv scene come to life and make your audience SEE what you want them to.

What Are We Doing?

This advanced workshop combines knowledge gained in our other workshops and focuses on how to keep the scene moving forward.

Storytelling With A PUNCH!

Learn the art of stage combat, the safeties and how to create your own choreography to give your storytelling a real PUNCH!

Our courses teach the safest way to perform any staged “hand-to-hand” or “weapon-based” fights while focusing on how to achieve the look and style your story needs.

Choreography Services

Do you have a show that involves a fight or even just a slap to the face? If so, contact us to discuss how we can help ensure your actors are safe and your audiences are amazed!