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Champions of History

Medieval Festival Day

Travel back to the middle ages with Focus UP from the comfort of your own camp. Let us bring the Medieval to you and give your campers an experience they will never forget.

Your campers will participate in a selection of activities throughout the day that culminate in the age old testament to entertainment: The Medieval Tournament!

No one entertains and educates quite like us.

The Festival

The Festival can be a half- or full-day event depending on your interest and the time available.

The festival may include:

  • Archery Competition
  • Dance Demonstration
  • Sword-Play Competition
  • Full Combat Tournament
  • Choice of Additional Workshops (see below)

Workshop Selections

The Armoury: Campers will be quizzed on their knowledge of medieval armour and get to touch and try on real armour.

Knight Training: Our knights will take your campers through guided training similar to that of real knights.

Medieval Dancing: Learn the art of medieval dance, how and when it was used, and why it was so important.

Armour Crafting: Have your campers learn the art and techniques involved in armour crafting, plus they will craft their very own piece of chainmail.

More workshop selections are available at

Champions of History