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Want to try our program but don't have the budget?

Does your school/camp need funding for new equipment?

We have a fundraising opportunity for schools and camps who may not be able to fully-afford the costs associated with our workshops.

This opportunity begins with Focus UP delivering any of their improvisation workshops. Once your students/campers have worked through the workshop, our talented instructors will then lead your students/campers through their very own "Show Time" review (delivered at your location).

You can then charge an admittance fee to parents and/or residents of the surrounding area (we recommend $10 per ticket) and here is the best part...

Any Profit You Make, YOU KEEP!

*minus the cost of any improv workshop*

Our format ensures the students/campers have a great time and get to show off their new found skills to the delight of your audience and all of the proceeds of this event would go to your school/camp which could entirely offset the costs of our workshops (and more).

This fundraising add-on event does not cost you any additional money. We provide this amazing value-added service for FREE*.

Need a new idea for an awesome fundraiser?

Why not add a little improv to your event?

Here are a couple ways we can help you reach your goals:

Improv Comedy show!
Start your campaign off on the right foot with an Interactive “Who’s-Line-Is-It-Anyway"-style improv show. Let our cast of professional improvisors lighten the atmosphere and get your guests laughing because happy people donate more!

Play-along, Murder Mysteries
Add to your guests' sense of civil duty by having them solve a murder. This show puts your guests right in the action where they interact with the characters and help the Detective solve the mystery.