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Camp Day Experience

Our instructors come to your location and give your campers a day full of fun and laughter. They will cheer each other on and learn some valuable tools they can take away and use in their everyday lives. The “safe space” our instructors create allows even the shyest camper to come out of their shell and shine.

The Morning

Our instructors start the day by entertaining you and your campers with an interactive improvisation presentation. This is a great introduction to some of the activities the campers will be taking part in throughout the day.

The Afternoon

For the rest of the day your campers will be introduced to the art of improvisation. Each workshop focuses on different activities that teach them soft skills such as listening, teamwork, and acceptance.

Individual workshops can be customized
to fit any size camp

We encourage staff and counsellors to join in and take advantage of all that improv has to offer!

The Evening

Our instructors will host a “Whose Line is it Anyway”-style show starring your campers. They will have a chance to showcase the skills they learned in their workshops and your whole camp will enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

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