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This on-camera intensive will guide you through the fundamentals of improv, show you how to apply these techniques to your next audition, and increase your chances of booking your next T.V. role.

You Will:

  • Participate in Group and Solo improv audition scenarios
  • Receive constructive feedback from industry professionals
  • Get lots of on camera time

PLUS: you will get feedback and auditioning insider tips and traps provided by some of the biggest Casting Directors in Toronto

Saying “NO” is safe and easy; however, productive group creativity only happens when we open ourselves up to accepting and building ideas and opinions together. Through a series of improvisational exercises you are introduced to the idea of saying “Yes, and….” Once you see how easy and effective this really is, you will find yourself using it to unlock your full creative potential.

This course is terrific for the people that are new to improv and seasoned improvisers alike. Being open and reacting creatively requires constant practice. Small class sizes allow us to tailor each course’s focus to give every attendee a chance to practice the skills they want to work on the most.

Storytelling with a PUNCH!

Learn the art of stage combat, the safeties, and how to create your own choreography to give your storytelling a real PUNCH!

Our courses teach how to perform any staged “hand-to-hand” or “weapon-based” fights while focusing on how to achieve the look and style your story needs.

Choreography Services

Do you have a show that involves a fight or even just a slap to the face? If so, contact us to discuss how we can help ensure your actors are safe and your audiences are amazed!

The Basics

This workshop is an introduction to stage combat.

Through a series of interactive demonstrations you will be guided through the foundation that stage combat is built upon and (with the emphasis on safety) you will create your own fight choreography. If you are looking to dazzle your audience or just trying to book that next audition, stage combat training is essential.

Sword Play

This workshop combines the safeties covered in “The Basics” with new attacking and blocking techniques essential for the fight presentation involving different stage weapons.

Weapons Include:

  • broadsword
  • rapier and dagger
  • quarterstaff

You Can Write!

Have you ever dreamed of being a Screenwriter, Playwright or Novelist?

This Intro to Writing & Storytelling for Screenwriters, Playwrights, & Novelists with Todd McGinnis is not one that you want to miss.

This lively and informative evening with award-winning playwright and screenwriter Todd McGinnis will give you the insights you NEED to get started AND FINISH your next writing project and arm you with the tools you need to banish “Writer’s Block” FOREVER.

The Drop-In Drop-Outs

Join us every Monday night at The Cage. Our improv drop in class is open to anyone of any skill level. After the class, stick around and use your new found skills to take part in WINProv, our weekly improv show.

  • Location: 468 Spadina Ave., Toronto ON
  • Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Date: Every Monday Night
  • Cost: $6 at the door ($5 returning students)